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Roll.EXE Healing Data V2 by linkfreak131 Roll.EXE Healing Data V2 by linkfreak131
Edit: 1/28/2009- Well, I was looking over this again, and I decided to change it... Like, by a lot. I realize now that her anatomy is pretty off, so I fixed as much of it as I could without having to completely redo the piece. xD I'd like to just re-do this from the ground up, but I definitely don't have the time for that. @_@ Maybe someday...

Changes: Lips, teeth, eyes (lowered her right eye), hips, hair shading, background change.

Original comment: Line art: [link]

I decided to try out a new method of coloring for this one. And, let me say, I love it. xD It's so much faster to do and, in my opinion, comes out a LOT cleaner. =3

But, yeah, this is Roll.exe from the Rockman.exe/MegaMan.exe series. Her main power is healing, but she's also pretty strong... When she wants to be. xD

Roll.exe (c) Capcom
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October 17, 2008
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