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Tree of Life Key Frames by linkfreak131 Tree of Life Key Frames by linkfreak131
Key frames that go along with my concept drawing here:[link]

Done for my Perspectives New Technology class at Otis.

The time it took to do everything was about one week, even though we were given three weeks to do the project (I decided to change my idea last minute). The goal of the assignment was to draw the interior of a building of some sort, with a focus on lighting. I decided to make up a story before I started, so that I would have something to go off by:

The character's father is sick, and the only way to heal him is to make medicine from the leaves of a certain tree, but no one believes that it really exists. The legend of the tree is it was planted by people long ago, hundreds of thousands of years, and lives forever, as well as have magical healing power. Due to the protective seal it has surrounding it, put on by the same people, it can live forever; without it it would die and disappear forever; there is only one tree like it and it cannot reproduce. The tree is also protected by guardians, and will attack anyone who nears the tree in order to protect it.

The character decides to go and look for it anyway, and eventually finds it inside an odd, dim, cave she has never seen before. As she approaches the tree, suddenly the bark of the tree slowly rises, and all the lights in the cave turn red, signaling for the guardians to appear. The guardians turn out to be huge spiders and then chase her until she exists the cave completely.

Why spiders? Because spiders are scary as all shit, that's why. Especially if they plan on eating you...

Which reminds me that I need to work on my spider/animal anatomy more, because I really do stink at it; the spiders in the last keyframe are supposed to be based off a Pokemon which I used as reference since I had no idea how they worked. lol

Done in Photoshop Elements 3, with blur done in CS5
Achamo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
i see that ariados thar

I like how the cooler colors are everywhere, but the reds and yellows are more sparsely used--they draw attention to the girl's face via her hair all around it and the tree and spider, when they're important.
Nokadota Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
I really like the limited color palette of the panels. It gives more emphasis to what is actually going on.
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November 15, 2010
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