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So just a few notes as to what's been going on and stuff... Since this is my last year and all, every waking moment has been filled with work, which is why I havn't posted up as much, or at all, lately. Tomorrow I get to the Wildlife Waystation for the second time. It's an awesome place that's invite only, and you to be at arms length away from big kitty, bears, monkeys, you name it. It's pretty bloody awesome. Get to be there almost all day, too.

On Thursday Pascal Campion is coming to school to give another lecture, and then a demo afterward! Last year when he came he didn't have time to do any demos, but this time he's promised he would, so I'm super excited!

Yesterday I had a mini portfolio review with a Disney recruiter. I was more or less showed me how to reorganize how I present my work and... that's about it? It was helpful, but at the same time not helpful. At least she did tell me she wanted to see more of my work in the future. She may be coming to senior reviews at the end of this year, so I'll be able to show her my thesis is she does end up coming again.
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Ribbo Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Clearly your gallery didn't have enough Rockman in it to impress the Disney recruiter ;-)
linkfreak131 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh clearly... Because Rockman has SO much to do with Disney now a days. XD
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