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I realized I never did a quick review of this movie. Better late than never I suppose. This will probably have SPOILERS, so beware.

I saw the film last Friday in 3D, making it my second 3D film,the first being Tron, (What? 3D movies are expensive, you think I'm made of money?). I went with one of my new roommates and one of her friends, who originally wanted to see it in the first place.

This may sound crazy, but I think Paranorman may have just become my favorite film of all time. It was so well done, I wish I could have stayed in the theater and watched it again. Everything about it was practically perfect. The relationship between Norman and the grandma was so sweet and believable, and that relationship makes you feel sorry for Norman because all he has is her (until the end of the film of course). Unlike brave, I couldn't really predict right away what was going to happen to next, and for the parts that I did, it was ok because it was revealed right away that I was correct, not an hour in like Brave.

I think the ONLY problem I had about the film was the sister when she stands up for Norman at the town hall; that part didn't seem believable at all for her. Maybe I just missed something, but it seemed to come completely out of left field for her, and just didn't fit.

The colors were great, the compositions were awesome, and the story was new and interesting... and also Scary. My gosh, the final battle is frightening as hell. Seriously, Lika knows how to scare people. I could hear little kids behind me saying "Norman, no!" after something bad happened. Creating that strong of a connection to a character, especially for a little kid...You just don't see it like you do in Paranorman... Have I mentioned that all the characters are amazing?

Go see it. Go see it tonight... Go see it NOW. It is absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to buy it on DVD so I watch it over and over again. Not just for the story, but the designs, colors, compositions, everything. I hope I get the opportunity to work on a film like that in the future.
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